anemonebicolorshrimpMaldivian reefs are famous for their abundant aquatic life. You will be surrounded by a variety of fish of all sizes! The rough landscapes offer shelter to many small creatures and the longer you look the more interesting details you will discover. Above the reef you may see turtles peacefully swimming by while schools of fusiliers form moving clouds in the water. All together the underwater world of the Maldives offers a spectacular experience that should not be missed.


If this visit is your first step in the underwater world, you will discover that the warm clear ocean beats every swimming pool by far. Learning the easy basic skills in the warm lagoons as small colourful fish pass by curiously, is an experience you will never forget.


The Maldives are also a great spot to continue your diving education. If you are already certified but want to go deeper into the matter, our experienced instructors will ensure that you easily broaden your skills.

Divers say

Nach zusammen 35 Tauchgängen in acht Tagen, und unserem erfolgreich abgeschlossenen OWD sind wir von der Crew, der Tauchschule, den Tauchplätzen und im Besonderen von den Tauchlehrern/innen restlos begeistert!! Vielen Dank für die unvergesslichen Momente und Erlebnisse über und unter Wasser. P:S. liebe Grüße an die Mantas und Moränen!


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