briefingcenterNormally the title of a particular certification level shows what a diver has been trained for. An Advanced Open Water Diver is trained in advanced diving techniques and a Rescue Diver is trained in diver-rescue techniques. However this cannot be explained so simply in the case of the Divemaster.

This certification level is so diverse that it can probably be best described with the word responsibility; for fun, for guiding and for safety. This responsibility is a considerable one and therefore, the decision to become a qualified PADI Divemaster, is not one that should be made hastily. The rewards of being a Divemaster, in terms of personal satisfaction and achievement, are unparalleled.

If you have the time to spend two weeks holiday with us in the Maldives, if you love diving and want to be part of a dive center, or you simply want to become an instructor, then you have the possibility of doing this course with us.


Get professional

The Divemaster Course will be your first step on the professional path, which is why the course has nothing to do with "carrying tanks or making coffee". We will train you in how to deal with divers, to give briefings about dive sites, to assist and be responsible for a group of divers. We will also develop your theoretical knowledge of diving physics, skills and physiology to instructor level. Delphis hopes that this course will be only the beginning of your career in diving.




Divers say

Hallo Rainer(Royal Island), Der Tauchkurs hat sehr sehr viel Spass gemacht mit dir. Ich werde dich zu Hause weiter empfehlen!!! Die Tauchplätze waren super und es hat auch Sehr Spass gemacht mit deinen Team Kollegen zu Tauchen!!!!! Lg Katja


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