Rescue Diver and EFR

The Rescue Diver Course

The next step following the Advanced Open Water Diver Course will be this course, in which you will be trained to help yourself and others, to prevent emergencies and to deal with them should they occur. The Rescue Course consists of 5 training sessions with topics including: self rescue, diver stress, diving first aid, emergency management, equipment problems and rescue procedures for both unconscious victims on the surface and under water, as well as in-water rescue, diver first aid and academics. During open water training, you will apply the knowledge you have learned as you develop your rescue skills. On completion of this course you will feel more confident and able to help in cases of an emergency. If required, we can include an Emergency First Response Course.


Emergency First Response course

The Emergency First Response Course This is a non-diving course that prepares you for a proper response in case of any emergency. Although we normally teach this course in combination with the Rescue Course, it may also be attended by non-divers. Topics ranging from the use of bandaids to CPR are effectively practised with our instructors.




Divers say

Hi guys... It's me again! After the DSD, I finally got the Padi's Scuba Diver with Alessandra! She is really nice and I do suggest to all Italians to refer to her and Igino. Ciao and see you soon in Royal Island :-)


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