bubblemakerThis program is to give children of 8 and 9 years old “a taste of diving”.

We make 2 dives in the shallow waters of the lagoon. Although the maximum depth will not exceed 2 meters, the actual diving sensation is the same as for other courses. An instructor will always be within direct reach to give the maximum of comfort and enjoyment.

We often find that the Bubblemakers learn very fast and later become good confident divers. Above all, it is a pleasure to see them enjoying themselves while surrounded by colourful fish.







Divers say

Dear Delphis Team @ Paradise, "unexpeted things happen quite often..." This topic matches to what happend in the last weeks... In December/ January when i was in Paradise again, i really thought, i will never dive again... cause of my breathing problems... this was scarry (ERIK, YOU KNOW BEST WHAT I MEAN...) But when i came back in June, and started diving again, especially wit...


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